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Casino Party Themes

Cincinnati Ohio

Spy & Espionage

Decor includes: 007 3D sign, laser lights, walk-through metal detectors, laser maze, giant dice, balloon arches, spy movie mural, break the safe and more


Decor includes: Moonshine still, barrels, mechanical bull, bull skulls, cactus cut outs, western shooting gallery, western mural, wagon wheel, jail, caskets, split rail fence and more

Viva Las Vegas

You don’t have to travel across the country to experience Las Vegas! Decor includes: Welcome To Vegas light up sign, light up casino sign, Big Six Wheel, Red Carpet, giant playing cards, giant chips, giant dice, balloon arches, Vegas Mural and more.

Futuristic / Club

Decor Includes: Black lights, light-up casino tables, light-up podium with fire performers, futuristic champagne dress, futuristic human table, laser lights and more!


Set the perfect scene and make all your guests stars for the night! Decor includes: Star light-up arch, Hollywood sign, light-up marquee sign, red carpet, candelabras, stanchions, Hollywood mural, Awards man cut-out and more.


Our Gangster Themed casino parties are a blast from the Roaring 20’s past and will be a rip for all your guests! Decor Includes: moonshine still, barrels, gangster silhouettes, gangster cutouts, giant dice, balloon arch, gangster mural, break the safe.