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Casino Décor Rentals for casino themed parties located in Cincinnati, Ohio.
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Casino Decor Rentals from Cincinnati casino Night

Casino Decor Rentals your guests have never seen! Renting casino party supplies for your next party or event will transform it into an exciting Vegas style experience people will talk about long after the party’s over! All of our casino party supplies are handmade by a professional carpenter and are completely unique to us – you won’t find our gear anywhere else. Have something specific in mind that we don’t offer?

Cincinnati Casino Nights are experts when it comes planning a party. We’ve worked with bachelor parties, company parties, birthday parties, company picnics, high school after proms and more. Regardless of where we are located – we always bring the fun. We will make it special for your event!

Casino Decorations and themes for the best casino night event!

Deck out your Texas Hold’em Tournament or Black Jack Tournament with our exceptional décor pieces, designed to transform your event space into a captivating casino paradise. The allure of decorations is universal, captivating guests and adding a touch of glamour to your affair. At Cincinnati Casino Nights, we understand the significance of ambiance, and our handpicked decoration pieces are meticulously crafted to ensure that every detail shines with brilliance.

Set the stage for an event that truly shines, where every decoration piece contributes to an unforgettable atmosphere. From the soft glow of strategically placed lighting to the intricacies of our handcrafted décor, we infuse each element with the magic of casino-inspired charm. Elevate your event with Cincinnati Casino Nights and discover the transformative power of casino themed décor – where brilliance meets celebration!

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Cincinnati Casino Decor Rentals Options

Casino Decor Rental themes for any Party Scene!

Dozen of décor options and themes to choose from and if we don’t have, we’ll make it! We create unique casino events for your private arty or corporate event. No theme or idea is out of reach, we can do it all! Some of our most requested décor includes:

Giant Casino

  • Giant Casino Chips
  • Giant Dice
  • Giant Martini Glass
  • Giant Playing Cards


  • Balloon Arches
  • Balloon Center Pieces
  • Balloon Columns

L.E.D. Decor

  • L.E.D. Dice (Décor)
  • L.E.D. Podium w/performers
  • L.E.D. DJ Table
  • L.E.D. Up lighting

Las Vegas

  • Welcome To Las Vegas Sign
  • Las Vegas Show Girls
  • Living Statues (Frank Sinatra)
  • Living Statues (Elvis)

Classic Light Up

  • Light Up Casino Sign
  • Light Up Photo Frames
  • Light Up Star Arch
  • Light Up Las Vegas Sign


  • Red Carpet
  • Stanchions & Velvet Rope
  • Bulb Photo Frames
  • Bulb Star Arch

Circus & Sideshow

  • Lion & Tiger Statues
  • Circus Wagon
  • Sideshow Oddities
  • Giant Circus Posters


  • Aerial Bartenders
  • Champagne Dress
  • Strolling Tables
  • Wine Bike